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Graveyard of the Heart

The rainy weather came and the sky was covered with clouds. The coolness of wind sent a message of life to the thirsty land and the cloud of mercy began to fall. The edging of the scorched earth became wet. Sprouts came out from the soft ground. Then this gray edge turned green. The dead earth came to life.

He says that one day I will bring every dead person back to life. Then I will calculate the life of each soul. He is not wrong. He who can revive the dead earth can also raise the dead. He who can count every drop of rain and every leaf of a tree can count every moment of life.

Man looked at the green earth, looked up and said, “You know that the dead are not only buried in the earth. There is another cemetery. It is the graveyard of desires that arises in the heart of the believer. How many aspirations, how many wishes, how many dreams and how many colors are buried in this graveyard just for You. Will you resurrect them that day as well?”

“We will remove whatever of ill-feeling is in their breasts” (Quran 7:43).

The Quran answered instead of heaven; because now only the Quran has to speak till the Day of Judgment. When the devil saw that the matter was being settled, he came to spoil it. He placed a pile of questions in front of Him. Man is man after all. His boat began to quiver in a storm of questions. He began to think that God would make his paradise. He will make it very well, but He will make it of His desire and own free will. Then what will happen to my will and my desire? When he did not get an answer for a long time, he quietly bowed his head and proceeded.

“But at that moment a gust came and left this message in his soft touch. Heaven will be ours, but wish will be yours. We are not in the habit of refusing our worshipers. And no wall of ifs and buts can come in Our way. There you will find what you want and what you ask for” (Quran 89:29, 41:32).

Man listened and was encouraged to make more graves in the graveyard of the heart.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer