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How do children learn from adults? – Shafqat Ali

played by the child’s adults, including the child’s parents, elder siblings, friends, classmates and teachers. What children learn from all these adults has a profound effect on their mental development. Three things play a crucial role in this mental development:

The first thing is guidance. That is, children always learn better under the guidance of adults. That is why adults should be ready to guide their children and give them proper time. If children are having any educational or personal problem, give them appropriate guidance in solving it. This guidance will build their confidence and motivate them to learn more.

The second thing is language. Language is not only a means of knowing the environment but also a way of formulating one’s ideas and sharing them with others. When talking to children, adults should use good, clear and simple words so that the children can understand. And secondly, give children the opportunity to express their feelings, thoughts and desires without hesitation. This expression will create more understanding in them.

The third thing is character. Children often imitate their adults. This imitation is mostly expressed through sports. It is a common observation that boys imitate their fathers and girls imitate their mothers. While boys copy their father’s profession, hobbies and other habits, girls mostly copy household chores or imitate their mother in doll games. Therefore, parents should be dignified in front of their children and be careful while doing any work as it will be copied by the children.