Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.

Are you Ready?

“What a wonderful car!” “This girl is so beautiful!” “His bungalow is great!” “It’s in fashion these days.” “I spend my summer holidays outside the country.” Amidst this and similar phrases, the life of today’s man is passing. These sentences show that today’s man has set for himself the level of living that is the level of animals.

Animals spend their entire lives pursuing desires. But this is not a bad thing for them. Allah Almighty has not given them the blessing of intellect. They live their lives only under the basic instincts of hunger and sex. The reason is that they have to live in this world and end up here. In contrast, man is an everlasting creature. The purpose of its creation is that man should always be with Allah Almighty. He will worship Allah and Allah will give him such blessings which give him joy and comfort. Before going to Paradise, it is necessary for man to live in this world and attain the knowledge of God. In this world, God is invisible to the naked eye. In such a case, man’s mission is to find the Lord hidden in the veil and to bow before His greatness.

Allah Almighty has given man intellect for this purpose; given him the ability to ponder; given him the eyes that see and the ears that hear. All these have been given so that man may see the light of God in the light of the moon and the sun. Evaluate the Lordship of God in the greenery of vegetation. Recognize His greatness in the heights of heaven. In the glitter of the stars, he sees the manifestation of His power. See the mercy of the Lord in the rain of summer. See the signs in the universe and cry out to his Lord. Seek His Paradise and seek refuge from His torment.

But man’s misfortune is that he throws his intellect and insight into the blind well of desire. The idols of the stomach, sex and ego are made gods and he runs after them all his life. Until death comes. Eternal life begins. But now he has nothing but remorse.

Many of the people have met this time. It’s coming for you. So, are you ready to change yourself? Are you ready to assign your intellect and insight for the purpose of knowing God instead of satisfying your desires?


Translated by Muzamil Nazeer