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Trust Issues with spouse

What should be done if husband has trust issues with his wife and has doubts about her faithfulness and vice versa?


The best way to deal with a situation where you have doubts about your spouse and his/her faithfulness towards you is to “Trust”. If you can not trust your spouse, at least trust your Lord. Have strong faith that if there is no doubt in your sincerity towards your spouse, by the grace of Almighty Creator, there wouldn’t be anything wrong with your spouse as well. Allah SWT ordered us not to ruin our relationships only on the basis of doubts. Allah SWT clearly ordered us not to make decisions on the basis of false unnecessary assumptions. Allah SWT says in Surah No. 49 Ayah 12 “O you who have believed, avoid much [negative] assumption. Indeed, some assumption is sin”. Unless and until we are 100% sure about someone cheating on us, we must not make false assumptions.

If we are not sure about something and we are overthinking due to our self created negative assumptions, then we are neglecting the order of our Creator SWT. We must trust Allah SWT and have faith that my spouse is pious and unless I see him/her doing immorality with my own eyes I wouldn’t doubt him/her. Immorality clearly means an act of immorality. It doesn’t mean that if you see your spouse talking to opposite sex or sitting with someone from opposite sex and you make an assumption that he/she is cheating on me. If and only if for any reason your spouse is indeed cheating on you, then have faith that now it’s his/her matter with Allah SWT and Allah SWT will deal with it. You must have positive expectations from your Lord and your Lord will take care of all your matters in a positive way. A believer should always think, stay and act in a positive manner.