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Change in Society

The biggest revolution in human history that came without prophets occurred in Europe after the Middle Ages. This revolution transformed the world. Everything changed in geography, politics, economy, society, science, and art. This revolution ushered in the industrial era first, then the information age, and now it is about to give birth to the age of automation.

It was not like the political revolutions that occurred in France or Russia but rather the result of the intellectual and scholarly efforts of the people of Europe. In the first phase, they changed the thinking and ideas of their people. After completing this phase, they created new political, social, economic, science, and art rules. Therefore, theoretical changes and practical implementation of new regulations created a new world whose effects were mentioned earlier.

There exists no alternative for any society aspiring to bring change from within, it necessitates an immense effort on the part of scholars and intellectuals to reshape the thoughts and theories of individuals, often entailing sacrifices along this journey. After that comes the phase where new and beneficial regulations for practical life come into existence, which shapes society in a new way.

Unfortunately, in Pakistan, for a long time, the culture of knowledge and scholarship has been replaced by superficiality, politics, sectarianism, and an atmosphere of bias based on one’s theories. This is the fundamental reason for all our problems. In such a situation, the only work to do in Pakistan is to engage in relentless struggle of promoting faith, ethics, and positive thinking. This struggle will gradually produce results and create an environment of positive change in society.