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Three Types of the Brain

The human brain consists of three essential parts. The first part is called the Reptilian brain. As the name suggests, this part of the brain is similar to primitive animals and responsible for essential functions like breathing, maintaining life, hunger, and thirst.

The second part of the brain is called the Limbic System, sometimes known as the mammalian brain. It controls emotions, habits, and relationships and generates feelings. It’s also called the emotional brain.

The third part of the brain, called the Neo-Cortex, is unique to humans. It’s responsible for complex functions like thinking, reasoning, language, and creating perspectives specific to humans.

Every human has all three parts of the brains, but individuals tend to dominate one part in shaping their way of life. Some people live primarily for basic needs like eating and reproduction, akin to reptiles. Some are driven by strong emotions, experiencing life through feelings of anger, love, and hatred, a level slightly higher than reptiles but actually akin to life of mammals and other animals.

The true essence of being human lies in having a prevailing dominance of the third part of the brain. Such individuals shape their lives through thinking, understanding, goal setting, and rationality. They also struggle to provide means of life and have emotions and feelings but they base every decision on rationality. These are the people who, despite their desires and biases, lead their lives in alignment with the highest moral principles.