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An Incident – Maulana Wahiduddin Khan

One day I received a telephone call from a city in India. A Muslim woman was speaking on the telephone. She said that differences arose between my sister and her husband after marriage which could not be resolved. Now it has finally been decided that divorce should be done between the two. The divorce papers are going to be signed this evening. Please pray that my sister’s life will be happy after divorce.

I said you ask your sister to talk to me. After that, I spoke to her sister on the phone. I asked what are the differences between you and your husband? She told some things. I said that what you are telling is not important. It’s not a problem of differences, it’s a problem of your heightened sensitivity. You have become unnecessarily sensitive about certain things. Control your sensitivity. You should get rid of this mind that….”Why should I listen to him, he should also listen to me.”

I narrated some incidents and told her that life does not run on a bilateral basis, rather life always runs on a unilateral basis. You are no exception in this case. The same principle has been defined in the Quran as “Qawamiyat” (Al-Quran 4:34). That is, just as there is a manager or boss in every company and collective organization; in the same way, an individual should be given the status of manager or boss within the house. This is a natural principle. It is not about gender equality or inequality. If this is not done, order will not be established in the house. And development is not possible in any institution without order.

That woman agreed with me and decided to live together. She withdrew the demand for divorce and told her husband that I consider you as my boss and I am ready to live with you without any conditions. The result was positive. Now both are living a happy life in their home.