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Flying Horse

Recently I saw a video on the internet. It was a video of a stormy night in which a flying horse was recorded in the skies of Mecca. A horse is flying in lightning & thunder and people are saying Subhan Allah (Glory be to Allah), La ilaha illallah (There is no god, except Allah) and Allah o Akbar (Allah is the greatest).

This video became popular like wildfire and people everywhere began to claim it as a proof of the truth of Islam. It was later found to be a horse from a toy shop in Jeddah. It was filled with gas and was blown into the air with the help of a string. The string broke in the stormy wind and the horse really started flying. People made its video and uploaded it on the internet. Then Jeddah became Mecca and the righteousness of Islam was proved in a new aspect.

Such incidents not only show “talent” Muslims have for spreading every hearsay without verification, but also show how ignorant Muslims are of their book, the Holy Qur’an, which, instead of flying horses, presents horses walking on the ground and birds flying in the air as evidence of its righteousness. Undoubtedly, horses walking on the ground and birds flying in the air are a great miracle, but since these are common occurrences, no one says Subhan Allah, La ilaha illallah and Allah o Akbar when they see them.

The Holy Qur’an, the book of God revealed to the Holy Prophet, is not a book of superstitions, but a book of knowledge. It emphasizes to contemplate not only on horses and birds, but from honeybee and desert camel to the every sign of the earth and sky. It has been said that the existence of these things is the greatest proof of God’s existence and sole Lordship.

The fact is that walking horses, flying birds and all forms of life in this world are a miracle. This is because the walking horses and flying birds we see are inhabitants of a universe, that is, by all accounts, a murderous universe for all forms of life. Today’s man knows more than anything that most of this universe is a vast space where there is no oxygen to breathe, no water to drink, no food to eat. If there are planets in this space, their temperature is so low that it would kill all forms of life immediately. If there are rocks, they are a message of death for all forms of life.

The rest of the universe consists of stars or black holes. The stars are burning so hot and so fierce that they would melt the bones of every horse, man, bird at the distance of million of miles from them. While black holes swallow not only every form of matter but also light and energy to death. What is the question of life here. Apart from this, if there is anything in the universe, it means nothing but death for all forms of life.

This is the universe in which the planet Earth is found exceptionally. In this graveyard of the universe, this cycle of life stands alone as a living introduction to its Creator and Master, its Ruler and Administrator and the Merciful Lord. There is water on this planet. There is greenery here. There is open space. There are seas and rivers. There are mountains covered with fertile soil and snow. Apart from the other forms of life, there are horses that walk on the ground and birds that fly in the sky. Then there is the Holy Qur’an which presents to the people these walking horses and flying birds as signs.

Ahh! But these unlucky people who have the Qur’an see the birds flying and the horses walking on the ground and do not scream and cry. Tears do not flow from their eyes. The words Subhan Allah, La ilaha illallah and Allah o Akbar do not come out of their tongues. They find flying horses and present them to the world as a proof of the truth of Islam.

Someone should ask these wise men that one day if such a horse is really seen and is seen in the Vatican city, will Christianity become a true religion? We should know that Islam is based on knowledge, not superstitions. Its call is for an age when knowledge has become the foundation of truth. Modern man now lives on the basis of knowledge and not superstitions. And the Holy Quran is the best answer to his search.

But unfortunately, at present, the Holy Quran is read without understanding. The time has come for the Muslims to start reading the Quran with understanding. After which they will find God’s glory in walking horses instead of flying horses and declare it to the world.

Muslims have to do it. It is their responsibility. If they do not do this, non-Muslims will continue to ruin both the Muslim world and their own hereafter by denying the God.