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Children, Social Media and Training – Shafqat Ali

Some of the things that we get to hear about the children’s education and training are as below:

Whatever you want your child to become in future, you should become a role model for him. Provide a supportive environment for him, since a child act on what he observes. The mother’s lap is the child’s initial training ground. Father is his ideal or hero. All of these are irrefutable realities. However, with reference to modern-day and age, there is one more reality which cannot be ignored and that is the fact that in the training of children, social media such as (Facebook, WhatsApp, YouTube) are also playing a major role.

Social media is a double-edged sword. It has many benefits as well as many disadvantages. If we talk about benefits, then in the present world, social media has become one of the major, easiest, and cheapest source of learning. All sorts of information regarding every walk of life are available with just a click away. However, its excessive and pointless use is not only a waste of time but it also has a dangerous impact on the mind and body. In this respect, it is the obligation of parents that they must train their children mentally so that they use social media for their benefit and refrain from negative effects.

Parents cannot accompany their children at all times so it can only be through training that can persuade them towards the benefits and prevent them from the negative uses of social media. Some guidelines are being mentioned below to further assist in this training action.

• Right from the beginning the concept of good and evil must be introduced in the minds of children.
• Talk to them frequently and motivate them to do the positive deeds.
• Tell the children that the negative use of media is a bad deed which is strongly disliked by God.
• Also tell them that our time, energy, social media and its tools are our tests for which we will be held accountable on the day of judgement.
• The feeling that God is present and watchful must be invoked.
• Tell them that when they are hesitant to use social media in a negative way in the presence of anyone else then they should also behave in the same manner with God who is always present.
• Watch your children very closely and observe their past times without letting them know.
• Prevent your children from the inappropriate use of social media and tell them that it can affect their physical and mental condition.
• Make sure that your children spend more time in physical activities, talking to you and playing with their friends.
• Use the social media positively yourself and teach your child to do so as well.
• Guide the children towards a certain field according to their aptitude so that when they are tempted to use media, they should opt for the positive and beneficial activities.
• In the end the most important thing is that besides our efforts, we should make sincere and heartfelt prayer to God for a worthy training of children since nothing is possible without His willingness. Always pray to God for your children’s wellbeing and that they remain on the righteous path.