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Fasting and Women

In Ramadan, women are unable to fast for few days due to natural reasons. If this happens in the last ten days, then the fear of deprivation of Shab-e-Qadr (The Night of Destiny) also makes women suffer. While some women think that if there is no fasting and prayer in these days, then they are free from everything else.

The fact is that fasting and prayers are forbidden in these days, but every door of nearness to God is open as in ordinary days. The true essence of prayer is remembrance of God (dhikr). Prayer is the soul of worship. The real purpose is to understand the Qur’an through translation. All these doors are open at all times.

The fact is that these days of women are a great reminder. That is, this condition of women is from Allah. There is no grip on it. But there is another thing on which there is the strictest grip from Allah Almighty, even the threat of hell, which is moral impurity. What is this moral impurity? Religion answers this question in detail. It is to pollute one’s faith with prejudices pervading in the environment. It is to stain one’s life with jealousy, arrogance, greed, hatred, miserliness and other such lowly emotions. Religion is very clear that a person who adopts such moral impurity will be deprived of entering Paradise.

Women should check in these particular days that which moral impurity they have adopted day and night by their own will. Allah has no problem with the physical impurity of His servants, but He strongly dislikes their moral impurity. On the Day of Judgment, He will deprive every woman of His closeness who is morally unclean. The woman who sees her physical impurity and gets rid of her moral impurity is the luckiest woman in the world because tomorrow her Lord will place her in His feet in heaven.