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The Fast of One Day

What is the relation of Ramadan with our whole life? This reality has beautifully been described by a mystic: we are in this world for only one day…… and we have observed fast on that day.

When a man opens his eyes in this world, he finds himself overwhelmed in the ocean of blessings. He has not only been provided the food in hunger, the water in thirst, peaceful night to sleep, bright day to work, the association of relatives to live, and a comfortable home like earth to live in but he has also been bestowed with the most delicious taste to relish for his tongue, soft and sweet harmony for his ears, endless rain of colors for his vision, and the scent and aroma of perfumes that freshens his soul through his sense of smell.

This beautiful world of blessings tells him that it has a Creator and Owner, and in recognition of His kindnesses, he must become completely grateful and obedient. He must stop from every path of the disobedience of his God. But his desires, needs, human weaknesses and sensual emotions astray him from the straight path of obedience and lead him to the paths of disobedience, which leads him ultimately to the destination of Hell.

In such situation, the Fast of Ramadan reminds him of greatest blessings he has been blessed with and, in response to them, he has to observe just one day of fasting in his life by stopping from every act of disobedience. After that, there will come the period of unending life when every restriction will be lifted and every hardship will be eased. This is the outcome of the hardship of Ramadan.

Translated by Muzammil Nazeer