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Hunting a pet chicken

One sarcastic has described the love of a man in a marital relationship in such a way that a husband expressing love to his wife is like hunting a pet chicken. This humorous statement describes one great weakness of men. The weakness is that after marriage, the attraction of the wife, as woman, decreases. There is no doubt that women too have to be held responsible many a times who become indifferent to their husbands and themselves with the birth of their children. The mother comes home, and the wife leaves. However, even if this is not the case, men naturally do not take interest in their wives as women. This attitude often leads to marital discord and sometimes marital breakdown.

In such a situation, it is the responsibility of men to remember that Allah Almighty has created this world on the principle of introduction of pleasure rather than the perfection of pleasure. Every blessing in this world loses its appeal as soon as it becomes available. It is apparently the greatest tragedy of this world, but the real purpose of this incident is to tell humans that this world is not a place to get everything. Rather, it is an introduction to a paradise where every luxury will be everlasting, and every pleasure will be eternal.

After knowing this fact, a man’s real focus will be on the test in which success will result in immortal paradise. Such a man will love his wife as she is; instead of bringing back her waning youth or taking an interest in a new woman. This love will create a pure atmosphere in the house. This purity will make him and his family successful in both this world and the hereafter.