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Constructive and destructive work

The world that Allah Almighty has created for human beings is constructive in terms of its temperament. If the mountains present in this world start moving, populations will disappear. However, they have been standing on their ground for centuries and providing humans with weather and forests. There are oceans in this world that, if they get flooded, can wash away the cities, but instead, they subdue their chests for human travel. The air present in this World if gets out of control, it will blow away every aspect of life, but it does not go beyond providing essential things like breathing to life.

This temperament of God’s world is made as such due to the fact that Allah has created this world so that it does not benefit few people but benefits all world creatures. All creatures benefit only from constructive work, and while destruction only benefits a few people. For example, earthquakes, storms, and hurricanes increase the wealth of some business people, but most people suffer a lot.

The case of human societies is no different. Here, too, constructive work benefits all people, but destructive work benefits some people and harms others. A great example of this is war. War is one of the evils that destroy human societies, and it results in making children orphans, women widows, and homes destroyed. Nevertheless, some people gain a lot of money and fame in wars. On the contrary, education is a constructive process, and it benefits everyone.

If we want to improve our society, we have to encourage people who do constructive work and discourage destructive thinking. If we do not do this, some people will benefit greatly, but ordinary people will continually suffer.