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Why pray in exams? ۔ Dr. Muhammad Aqil

Most people think that when we have worked hard, then why there is a need to pray to Allah. When we had worked hard waking day and night, got over the subject, grasped every aspect of it, what will prayer do? On the other hand, one group says that we will succeed with prayers. Moreover, when that happens, what is the point of working hard? These are two extremes, and the truth is between the two.

In the principle on which Allah has created this world, some task is man’s responsibility, while other is the responsibility of Allah. If a farmer prays for a harvest without sowing seeds, he is foolish because he has not done his part. The expression of God’s help, which was conditional on his hard work, will not be seen. On the other hand, when a farmer sows the seed, he still needs to pray because he has done his part, but many negative factors are beyond his control. For example, if there is no rain, there will be no crop. If there is an epidemic, the crop will be destroyed. If there is a flood, everything will be washed away.

In the same way, the students who are satisfied with praying without working hard are mistaken. They have failed to do their part and have not fulfilled the condition that was necessary for prayer. So their prayer is like trying to drive a car without putting fuel in it or expecting a harvest without sowing seed by the farmer.

On the other hand, the students, who have worked hard, have just met one condition of success. In addition to this hard work, many uncontrollable factors can make their hard work useless. For example, a student prepares well and practices everything, but many factors can overwhelm her hard work and push her towards failure. Precisely at the time of exam, she might feel unwell, she might forget, the paper might be unexpected, there might be a marking error, an accident could occur, etc. So from Allah, it is requested that “O my Lord, I had done what was in my power, now it is your job to protect me from the influence of uncontrollable factors and bring the result in my favour.” That is why when success is achieved, a believing servant gives all the credit to Allah and is grateful to Him because He is the one who gives the fruits of our labour and not our labour alone.


It is foolishness to rely on prayer without doing one’s part, and it is arrogance to avoid prayer by relying on one’s hard work.