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Journey of Life

The seats of passengers travelling in aircraft are usually divided into two parts. One is Economy Class and the other is First Class. The facilities provided to those travelling in economy class are very limited. It would be appropriate to call them necessities rather than facilities. Everything from seats to food items is provided on the principle of “Stopgap”.

While in first class, every need is provided with convenience and luxury. First class seats are wide and spacious. Sometimes they have the facility to lie down and go to sleep. They are present in the front of the plane so that passengers have the priority and convenience to get off and get on. For their service, the staff is usually pretty and act enthusiastic. They are given food items in large quantities and with variety. All these facilities are provided to improve the journey of first class people, but it is a fact that whether the journey is in economy class or in first class, it passes anyway. Both types of passengers go to their destination and this journey becomes a memory of the past.

The journey of life is no different from the journey of the plane. This journey can be done in economy class and in first class. Everybody in the world wants to travel in first class. There’s nothing wrong that this journey is done in first class, but most of the time in life, the cost of travelling in first class is earned from forbidden sustenance. Even if it is not, first class life makes man forget of the eternal blessings of the Hereafter. He forgets that life is, however, a journey that will come to an end after a while. Every pleasant thing about this journey will become a memory of the past. Real life will begin after the stage of death. The real success is that a man gets a first class position in that life; because the life hereafter is not a journey but an eternal stay.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer