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Men’s Responsibilities towards opposite sex

What are men’s responsibilities towards opposite sex taught by Allah SWT?


Quran has clearly pointed out to men that they must not let their sight go astray. They need to protect their eyes. The best way to practice this thing is that men should treat and look at the women in the same way as they look at their own sisters. It means the way we casually look at our sisters while addressing them and do not scrutinize them. On one hand Islam teaches to be mindful of our gaze, must not stare, inspect, explore, scan and examine them and on the other hand Islam teaches us to guard our private parts. Protecting or guarding our private parts means that we cover our private parts wearing sober clothing which is neither highlighting nor revealing our body parts. The dress should be decent and modest. It also includes controlling our gender specific emotions. The thought process of a modest and chaste person while addressing women should be pure and there should be no lustful emotions in mind and thoughts. He should keep the conversation to the point according to requirement and need. Addressing women merely to satisfy the desire and yearning for opposite sex should not be the case.

This is what Allah SWT has taught men in the Holy Quran in regards to the commonly used term “Hijaab”. In true essence these are the fundamental manners and responsibilities taught about the interaction between men and women.