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One’s Own Enemy

In this universe, the earth is the only place where life is found. This is due to an environment on earth that is essential for life. Conversely, every other location lacks this suitable environment, making them highly hostile to life. This exemplifies that even something as resilient as life cannot come into existence or survive without a favorable environment.

On the other hand, it’s a fact that the information age has created a psychological environment for humans that is quite detrimental. Negative news and events dominate print, electronic, and social media. Bad news spreads more. Hence it happens globally and especially in Pakistan, where there’s an influx of misinformation and adverse reports. The result is that people, continuously exposed to negative news, analyses, and information. are constantly stressed. While stress is necessary to overcome difficulties at specific times, chronic stress becomes a poison that destroys the human body. Such individuals fall prey to various mental, psychological, and physical illnesses.

In these circumstances, anyone who values one’s life, health, and mental peace must decide to distance oneself entirely from negative news and commentaries. Whether this news is conveyed through media channels or by any ordinary individual, one should remember that anyone who brings bad news is causing them harm. Unless there is an extraordinary event, the person who shares bad news without a reasonable and feasible solution is his enemy. There’s no need for another enemy in such a case.

Translated by Shahbaz Saleem