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Signs of Life

Dr. Mazhar placed a visiting card in front of me. On it, the post of “Deputy Commissioner Income Tax” was written below the name. This was the visiting card of the man who had recently undergone cataract surgery by Dr. Mazhar and whom the doctor was enthusiastically mentioning to me.

Dr. Mazhar’s eye clinic is located in my neighborhood. He is a proud and exemplary person of the society in both his personality and purpose. The purpose of his life is to provide the highest level of treatment to the common man at a very low cost. Being an eye surgeon, he started out in the same profession. Some kind-hearted people decided to help him. So the clinic came into being where a common man is provided with the highest level of treatment at a very low fee and whenever a needy person comes to his clinic, he also never returns disappointed. For such persons too, free treatment is arranged with the help of wealthy people.

Doctor continued his speech and said that when I told him about Rs. 7,000 for cataract operation, a question mark appeared on his face. This question mark arises on the face of every white-collared* person whom nature puts to the test of disease. I read this question and performed his operation free of charge. But the fact that a man in the position of deputy commissioner of the income tax department, who could have afforded to take a bath in the sewers of the forbidden sustenance and get treatment in the United States, to remain white-collared* is a sign that he is immaculate.

I looked at the card again and thought that the existence of such an upright income tax officer is a sign of the survival of the society and his free treatment is also a sign of the survival of the society. As long as these signs of life remain, our society will survive in spite of all the bad people.


*This here refers to a person who is living within one’s means and not asking for handouts while still participating in the social gestures of giving to others, so no one finds out the financial burden one is under.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer