Take a fresh look at your lifestyle.


It is said that of all the drugs, power addiction has the most effect. Normally power corrupts a person and he forgets his place and thinks of himself as God. A ruler who has a vast territory, a large army, abundance of wealth and obedient subjects is considered to be strong. But whether power is strong or weak, its flaw is that it does not last forever. One day it collapses with the invasion of another ruler or death snatches it away from the ruler.

Unlike human sovereignty, God has absolute power. This power is not temporary, but permanent. This power is not on a specific piece of land, but on the earth, the sky, the moon, the sun, the stars, the galaxies, in fact on the whole universe. This power cannot be ended by the invasion of another ruler. His command is on everything. In the smaller world, the electron is moving by His order, while in the bigger world, the sun is moving around the earth. Plants are producing fruits and flowers at His command, while colourful birds are colouring the world in obedience to His command. In some places, the standing of a mountain is a sign of obedience to God, and in other places, flowing rivers are flowing, enforcing His power over them.

In spite of this infinite power and authority, God is magnanimous. He is not overwhelmed by the intoxication of His power like human beings. He is very merciful, compassionate, kind and gentle with His creatures in spite of this immense power, glory and majesty. So today the atheists are denying Him but He is providing livelihood to them. Today, people are disobeying Him by organizing events of cake and ale, but He is ignoring. Today savages are unjustly killing His creatures but He is being lenient to the killers. Today people are busy in the world and forgot Him but He has continued His mercy and generosity so that these disobedient people may accept and return to the service of their Lord. Is there a king who is so kind and compassionate? Is there a ruler who is so mild to exercise his fury? Is there anyone in power who gives his insubordinates this much opportunity?

But that is one aspect of God’s authority. The other side of it is the Hereafter. On that day, this king will end the real respite and allocate his compassion and kindness only to His obedient. On the other hand, the ill-behaved will be deprived of this compassion. So come and take advantage of this respite today.