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That Stranger

If a human is defined in a single sentence then it is that being, who is an epitome of sensitivity and dependency. The meaning behind the first quality means that a human being does not just possess a living personality but he also possess in himself a multitude of other senses like sense of colour, taste, smell, an appreciation for beauty, sense of hearing and such things that set him apart from the other creatures. For example, for an animal, a beautiful rose is just a means of filling his stomach. Water and food denote the quenching of the thirst and the removal of the demands of the stomach. That animal does not take any pleasure from the evening dusk, the perfume of the flowers, the colors of green grassy meadows. However for man, this sense of colour and smell, beauty and subtleness are those depictions which fill his inner soul and satisfy his desires.

But along with that, this is a prevailing reality that a man is a portrait of neediness. He is an epitome of complete dependency. He is unable to even fulfill his basic necessities like food, air and water himself. If the heavens do not produce rainfall, the atmosphere becomes empty of air, and the earth is barren, then man will just starve to death. So the human being is not just a complete picture of dependency but he is also aware of it himself. He is also aware of the fact that whatever he possesses in this world are the blessings of his creator, but sadly, despite having the awareness of beauty and neediness of every kind in himself, this person still spends his life in a manner which is free from the presence of his Creator and Lord.

There are so many for whom the word God is just a name to be called out in times of despair and difficulties, otherwise they would not even go close to being aware of Him in their lives. There are so many for whom their lord and sustainer is an unfamiliar and unknown existence. There are many who remember this stranger and unfamiliar being five times a day formally, but that stranger remains a stranger for them, outside or inside these prayers. There are others for whom this ‘stranger’ is the means of expressing their prejudiced and national emotions Another extreme is those people who in a reaction to these nationalists have completely erased and thrown away the concept of this ‘stranger’ from their lives, and, hence, they are living in this foolish philosophy of atheism.

The prophets came in every era and they all tried their utmost to guide these disbelievers and make this ‘stranger’ familiar to them but sadly in every era, people rejected them and remained in a state of forgetfulness. They considered who was their own as strangers and the strangers as their own. Instead of opting for His love, they lived in the infatuation of others. Instead of striving to attain His proximity and nearness, they remained involved in the temporary pleasures of this life. These foolish people live in a world where every being and morsel other than them worships Him. Every tree sways to the tune of the love of its creator. Every bird hums to His praise. Every being present here is a reminder of God’s infinite blessings. In this remembrance and gratitude filled universe , man is the only deprived and unfortunate being who despite observing all the numerous colors is blind to the vision of God. Despite tuning in to the sounds and calling of everything around him, he is still deaf to the calling of his Creator. Despite being given a sensitive emotion filled heart, he is unable to express his gratitude towards the blessings of God. In spite of having an infinite thirst for desires, he has no yearning for the permanent flowing rivers of paradise. Despite having an immortal demand for the beauty of this world he is not demanding the beauty of paradise.

This world is a test. That is why, in every matter, the heedlessness and rebellion of humans is being tolerated but, soon that day will come when the accountability and judgement will take place. In that world the being of that stranger will remove all the veils and His single flash of oneness will enlighten every particle of the universe. However, there will be some unlucky ones whose fortune will remain dark like their book of deeds. The beauty and adornment of the flashing beam will not enlighten their existence. Those are the unfortunate people who failed to identify their creator and remained strangers to the existence of their sustainer and benefactor.