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Arthur C. Clarke was a famous author who was considered a futurist (a person who predicts future). His interview to ABC News is very popular on YouTube in which he predicts that at the beginning of the 21st century, very large mainframe computers like cupboards available at that time, will be replaced by small computers and people will be able to get all their information from banks at home and do business from home. Arthur died in 2008 and before his death he saw this forecast came true with his own eyes and we all have seen it too.

The Qur’an is full of such predictions for the future of this world. According to these predictions, one day the present world will be destroyed. Then the heavens and the earth will be changed completely. All the dead jinn and humans will be resurrected. God’s faithful will be in heaven and the wicked will be sent to hell. These predictions are in the Qur’an, which first foretold that the Messenger of God, standing alone, would conquer all the land of Arabia and the defeated Romans will win against the Iranians.

These and all similar predictions of the Holy Qur’an regarding the life of the Holy Prophet were fulfilled word by word before the departure of the Holy Prophet from the world. This is a proof that he was indeed the true Messenger of Allah. Therefore, just as the first prediction was fulfilled, so will the second prediction of the Qur’an will be fulfilled, and like Arthur, every human being will see with his own eyes the fulfilment of this prediction. But after that no one will have to die but will always have to face their good or bad end.