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Sabar – Dunya o akhrat mein kamiyabi ka rasta

The video is a unique take on patience (Sabr). It explains the fundamental characteristic of patience which is of significant importance as per Quran and Hadith, It explains how patience is such a key virtue through which we can attain success in this World and life hereafter.
The lecture starts with the history of Muslims struggle over last 200-300 years to regain their dominance in the World which eventually lead to a dysfunctional and incorrectly based institute of training & development and why patience has not taken a place there. However, as mentioned in various places in Quran, patience has been presented as the sole characteristic for one’s salvation and ticket to enter the paradise. To attain dominance, success, safety and Allah’s support, patience is the basic characteristic. Patience is not just related to the adverse situations in life but encompasses every important dealings in life. The lecture concludes on the various tasks that we have to do now to correct ourselves in this regard.