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An accident, coincidence and intention

“The Accident” Why and how it happened.

It was March the 8th of 2014. An aircraft MH370 of Malaysian Airline flew from Kuala Lumpur airport to Beijing. 239 people including the crew and passengers were on board. The last time this aircraft had a communication with the control tower was an hour after the flight had departed. It was flying in the direction of China at that time. Then, it lost contact. After an hour, this aircraft was spotted on Malaysian military radar moving in a totally opposite direction. However, even after that, this aircraft remained in contact with a satellite system whose function was to receive phone calls from the aircraft on earth. According to this system, the aircraft was flying in the south of the Indian Ocean near Australia.

The search operation continued for weeks to find this aircraft. At last the researchers reached the conclusion that due to unknown reasons this aircraft changed its direction only after an hour of its takeoff and instead of flying towards China, it turned in a totally opposite direction towards the south of the Indian Ocean. At the end, it ran out of fuel and fell into the ocean. Even after untiring efforts, the debris was not found.

People forgot about this incident but after a year and three months. However, on July the 29th, 2015 a wing of an unknown aircraft was found in the Indian Ocean on an island towards Africa called the Reunion Island. The analysis explained that it was a wing of a boeing aircraft. Since only one boeing got missing in the Indian ocean, everyone assumed that it was the wing of the Malsysian Aircraft. Therefore, this wing has been sent to France where experts will try to do a detailed investigation to find a mark, a serial number or any other identification that proves that this really is the wing of that unfortunate aircraft.

Air travel is considered safe throughout the world. In this aircraft, people from 15 different countries were onboard. That is why this news was widely advertised in the international media. When the wing was found, the international media again started discussing this news. I was watching a report on CNN about the discovery of the wing when a reporter uttered a very important phrase. He said that after this wing is being sent to a laboratory in France, we won’t be able to find out “why” exactly the accident occurred but the investigation will help us find out “how” the accident took place.

A Few Lessons:

There are many important lessons embedded in this aircraft accident. The very first one is that human beings want to, in any case, find out how and why incidents take place. This is exactly what makes a human being a human. These are the exact same questions which science helps us find out the answer to “how” the world and it’s system works. The second question which is, why the world was created and why we are here is answered by the religion.

One more important lesson is human being’s progress in science. In today’s era we can cover a distance of 1,000 miles within a couple of hours by air. Travelling by air is really fast and dangerous but with the help of technology this travel has been made so much safe and secure that throughout the world very few people die in air crashes. Everyday, through thousands of flights, millions of people travel by air and the airplane reaches its final destination fighting through all the scary natural forces of earth and skies. During this trip the atmosphere in which the airplane flies is around -40 degrees where one cannot even breathe. However, inside the airplane, passengers are provided with a very comfortable environment. The airplane stays constantly in touch with the crew on earth during flight and just as mentioned before that even the passengers can also connect on earth through satellite.

Ungratefulness of humans:

In ancient times, these kinds of facilities were not even available to kings. Even when kings used to travel, they would face the hot and cold temperature facing the hardships of travel and completing a few miles journey in the days and months. Today a human being has indulged himself into complete negligence despite having uncountable blessings. Man should have become more grateful towards his Lord who has provided him so many blessings but the tragedy of today’s man is that he is instead denying the presence of The Almighty Creator. The movement of atheism and agnosticism has taken over the brilliant/intelligent minds all over the world. Due to internet and satellite our people are also accepting the after effects of all this ideology.

I have already explained in detail in various write ups and especially in my publication “Khol Ankh Zameen Daikh” [English: Open the eyes, see the World] that now atheism, has become the most dominant thought of the modern society. Religion is considered merely a cultural manifestation and nothing more. I have explained this so many times that the reason behind this is not that scientists have found out a proof of God’s non existence. In fact, the real reason is the extremist attitude and illogical/ irrational ideologies of the religious people. In case of non muslims, all that the religious people has is fairy tales or distorted religious education. One of the examples of fairy tale religion is Hinduism in which there is a concept of 3 to 30million gods and deities. An example of distorted religion is Christianity in which a pious lady has been considered as the wife and a devout Messenger as a son of The Creator (Maazallah). They consider God as One and three at the same time. Who can accept these kinds of things in today’s modern scientific era?

Muslims are really lucky in this regard since their religion is devoid of these sorts of distortions and its teachings are free from all kinds of ridiculous ideas which proven scientific realities would have totally rejected. Muslims however, first of all, do not have any interest in spreading their true religion to people. Secondly, instead of conveying the true teachings of Morality and Belief which is the real message of Islam, they present something else in the name of religion. Thirdly, among those people who stand as representatives of Islam, most of them lack morality and ethics both. If you have a slight difference of opinion, they cross all the limits of ethics and mannerism and the attitude they show turn people away from the religion they are representing. That being the reason, religion and its teachings are not the topic of interest anymore and a commoner gets fed up from the religion itself due to their immorality and ill attitudes.

People want to know the truth. They are impressed by the high moral values. They want to untangle the knots of their mind and life. Islam has both the truth, and superior moral education. It has a complete solution for every mind and all the complications of life. The truth is standing in the name of Islam are muslims apprehended in sectarianism. When they themselves are not reluctant at all in calling each other a disbeliever or cynic and leave behind all morality to adopt a way of blaming & slandering, then atheism and polytheism benefits the most out of this. They freely introduce themselves as an alternative to people and make a place in their lives and this is exactly what is happening today.

The most tragic aspect of this is that even in our society, atheism is growing rapidly. Through the Internet, a debate between atheism and religion is exposed to people, especially intellectuals. There are the same two elements interpreting religion in it. That is, distorted religions or sectarians standing in the name of Islam. The result is clear that atheist ideologists win and our youth is also getting increasingly affected.

The intellectual and ideological defeat of atheism

The fact is what we have stated is the main reason for the promotion of atheism. Otherwise in reality, as far as science and its discoveries are concerned, the way atheism has been defeated on the intellectual front by these scientific discoveries has no such precedence.

Until the nineteenth century when it was an early period of modern science, on the basis of scientific theories; atheism or denial of God seemed somewhat reasonable. It was believed at that time that matter is eternal and the universe has always been there. After Darwin’s theory of evolution, the idea became even more convincing that the existence of such a high and conscious creature in this world was not proof of a Creator, but rather of the theory of evolution.

But with the beginning of the twentieth century, there were scientific discoveries that made it evident that this universe was not the result of any coincidence, nor was an evolved version of blind and deaf matter existing already. The Big Bang Theory made it clear that the universe was created in a particular time i.e 13.7 billion years ago and it is not perpetual or eternal. In this universe, at every step, the most complex processes continue with great precision and mathematical soundness. The first question that arises is how can matter acquire this quality within itself? Secondly, the only site in the universe where life can be found, the planet earth itself is an extraordinary place. It is part of a universe that I call “the killer universe” meaning deadly for any form of life. But as soon as it reaches this planet, the universe becomes a manifestation of mercy. A miracle of balance and proportionality emerges and the most appropriate conditions for life and a life supporting system comes into existence.

For example, the air and the atmosphere without which life will cease to exist here is a combination of a few gases. Of these, nitrogen and Oxygen close to 78% to 21% respectively while there are only trace amounts of remaining gases. These are the two gases that have the major role in survival of life. If these two gases do not exist or if their ratio does not remain like this, life will be eliminated from this earth. This is not a case with only one thing but a matter of all elements of life found here. For example, life will cease to exist on earth due to extreme cold or scorching heat if the distance of the sun increased or decreased. No atheist has an answer to these basic questions as to why there is such harmony and proportion existent here. A meaningless answer to this is given that it all happened by chance.

The fact is, if it’s a thing or two then it can be called coincidental. But when “coincidences” come out so frequently, in such large quantities and in such a meaningful way, they are called intentional, not coincidental. In fact, life is not a coincidence originating by a deaf and blind matter but a result of a plan of God and it is only by His will that we are all here.

The truth is that modern science has brought us even closer to God. Upon receiving the wing of the ship, I had quoted a reporter saying that by analysing the wing in French laboratory, it could not be stated why the accident occurred but it could be stated how the accident took place. This is the job of science that it clearly explains about the universe that how it was made and how it operates. But it can’t tell why it happened and what entity is behind it. It is actually the Prophets who tell that the Creator of this universe is Allah Almighty. He created this world as a test. Here He is testing people to see who do good deeds. Soon the Judgement Day will come and this world will be destroyed. Then a new world will be created where Almighty God will give everlasting life to those who do good. As far as the disbelievers are concerned, they will suffer the consequences.

Irrelevant Questions:

Disbelievers continue to raise irrelevant questions to deny religion. For example, what is the soul? How did God come into existence? How ignorant that the universe which is in front of them and about which it is certain that it cannot exist haphazardly, they accept its automatic existence. But about God they know nothing and raise questions about His existence. However, to each of these questions, satisfactory answers can be given. But only to him who can give any other reason for the harmony and purpose found in the universe. To this day, there is no other reason except for God. Those who want to deny God, should first deal with the issue of the present form of the universe, its existence, its purpose and its justification for life. Then they should ask whatever they want.