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Shock Absorber

The car reached speed breaker but its speed did not slow down. Everyone including me who was watching it believed that the people sitting in the car would receive a strong shock impact. The car passed speed breaker speedily nonetheless the people sitting in it did not feel any shock. That was due to the seamless shock absorber of Mercedes car.

I observed it a long while ago, when an epidemic like speed breaker was recently introduced. Earlier I was aware of only one method to be safe from speed breaker – reduce the speed of your car – but that day I came to know that it could also be done by shock absorbers.

Problems of life are like speed breakers which have the power to upset the man inside out. They break the speed of man on the highway of life; slow down his journey towards development and success. There seems to be no apparent solution to this problem. So we cannot end the speed breakers of problems on the road of life. This is against the rule of God.

But on that day, I came to know that there is another way to solve these problems – which is that a person installs shock absorbers in his personality like a Mercedes car. A person develops in himself the qualities of patience and endurance. He searches for aspects of comfort hidden in hardships. He should keep an eye on the comforts which will definitely come after present difficulties as a result of law of nature. He should not let the candle of hope and courage go out in depths of his heart. These are the shock absorbers which will keep him safe from the effects of every difficulty and shock in life.

The issue which can be resolved in the world of God, must be solved with wisdom and strategy and those which cannot be solved should be handed over to shock absorbers. This is the key to every problem.

Translated by Muzammil Nazeer