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So that Those with Eyes can See

The Congregation (Jamaat) ended. I came to the back row to offer the additional (Nafil) prayers. In prayer, I started reciting Chapter (Surah) Naba. In the beginning of this chapter, Allah Almighty has mentioned some of His innumerable blessings and said that if we are giving you such blessings, then know that one day we will also reckon these blessings and this is the Day of Judgment that will come for sure.

I recited so far and then bowed. But it was very difficult for me to raise my head from this bow before God. The reason for this was that while bowing, my eyes fell on the feet of the boy who was praying standing next to me. Both his legs were crooked and bent backwards. He barely managed to keep his balance while standing. God’s words in the Quran did not affect me as much as this scene did. There was also mention of God’s blessings, but here I was faced with the living question of how difficult life would be if my feet were like this.

Man spends his whole life in the innumerable blessings of Allah, but he never remembers that one day the Lord will reckon with these blessings. To refresh the memory of human beings, Allah Almighty puts before them a living admonition in the form of the disabled. Jesus described this fact in his immortal method in such a way that God created the blind so that those with eyes could see. But instead of learning the right lessons from people with disabilities, people ignore them or, at most, feel sorry for them. However, human beings should feel pity for themselves. Because these disabled people do not have to go through God’s accountability. People like us will be held accountable.

These disabled and deprived people are not unfortunate. Because they are being used in the work of Allah Almighty and if they are patient, they will get their reward without reckoning. The unfortunate ones are those who do not even take care of themselves after seeing them, because in the life that will begin after the resurrection, they will be permanently disabled.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer