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Superficial Thinking

One of the great tragedies of our society is that there are many people with superficial thinking in it but there are very few people who reach the facts through observations and the meanings through words. People who, for some reason, try to look at the incidents and analyze the issues, often wear the lens of prejudice.

If you also want to experience this, talk to someone in the community about a serious topic. First of all, it will not be the subject of his interest. If for some reason he has interest in this serious thing, the next moment you will find out that you have started a conversation in which the other is interested in only talking, not listening; specializes in narrating not understanding. He will be ready to blow your mind with his superficial information and a shallow glance. If this speaking and this narrating are based on knowledge and analysis, it is cherished but, most often, speaking is just a habit. The result is that the person in front of you will comment on what you did not say. He will criticize the point of view that you may not have known. Your question will be answered in a way that has nothing to do with the problem under discussion.

One of the main reasons for the development of this attitude in society is the deficiency of reading good books. Reading trains man read and understand other person’s point of view with patience. It creates in him the substance of patience and tolerance. It creates broadness in his vision, depth in his thoughts and objectivity in his analysis. Good training can fill this gap, if you don’t read.

It is important that some people dedicate themselves to the training of the nation. They should teach people civility, morality and patience. Warn against the evils of superficiality, prejudice, selfishness and self-interest. This is the way to create awareness in the society about the difference between good and evil, truth and lie, propaganda and reality.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer