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Summer, Winter and Faith

Some time ago, a gentleman narrated an interesting incident. He went for a haircut on a hot summer day. Usually, AC was turned on inside the shop, so there was no outside fresh air in the shop. But at that time the electricity went out and for some reasons the generator was not working. A cloth is additionally put over the shirt during the haircutting process to prevent clothes from hairs. The same was done to him.

As a result, he began to sweat profusely due to the heat while cutting his hair. At the same time, he recalled a TV program he had seen on National Geographic where an experiment was conducted in which some people were first placed in an extremely cold room and after a short time it became impossible for them to sit there. Then after a few days these people were made to sit in the same room with the instruction to close their eyes and keep thinking that it is very hot here. As a result, these people were able to withstand the extreme cold for a long time.

At that time, he decided to repeat the same experience on himself and closed his eyes and started thinking that it is very cold here and this cold is getting embedded in his veins. He said that within a few minutes of doing this, he stopped feeling hot. The perspiration stopped and he returned home with satisfaction after the haircut.

This incident shows the extraordinary ability of the human mind to control its environment and the feelings and emotions that arise from it. This ability can be used in many places, but its most useful use is in the struggle for heaven.

The main condition for going to heaven is that a person should remain on the path of goodness despite all the temptations found in the environment. He should rise above the prejudices in his personality and accept the truth only because without it the salvation of the Day of Judgment is not possible. He should make an island of positive thinking in his mind in the sea of ​​despair spread around and settle on it. Despite living day and night in the material world, he should overwhelm himself in the unseen world of hereafter. He should begin to see the invisible Creator through the power of his mind, despite living among creatures.

The basic condition for doing this is that a person’s faith should be made on the Holy Qur’an. The Holy Qur’an is the only book where the Creator is mentioned, not the creatures; where the importance of the hereafter is mentioned, not the world; where the true standards of goodness are clearly defined. Where the stories of the prophets teach to be positive in the midst of negative people. Where instead of living in the darkness of prejudices like the disbelievers, people are invited to come to the light of guidance.

For those who cherish the Holy Qur’an in this way, the Qur’an becomes a complete guidance for them. People whose faith is based on the Qur’an are humble before God when they pray. They try to spend their wealth as much as possible for the hereafter. They rise above religious prejudices, communal affiliations, religious & political extremism and always seek and support the truth.

These are the people whose faith is firm and their actions are righteous. Such people are all good in this world and all the rewards in the Hereafter are for such people.