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The Fragrance of Kindness

The other day few women from our old neighborhood came to see my mother. I did not recognize them. But when my mother introduced them, I recognized them. Fourteen or fifteen years ago, these were all little girls. But now, all three of them had grown up and one of them was married and the second one was engaged.

Although I had not recognized them, they did recognize me. They told me that when she was little, I used to ride her on my motorbike. I remembered that it was my student life. I had recently bought a motorbike. I rode my family’s younger children on my motorbike. In such cases, she would stand at my door and look at me with sad eyes because no one in her house had a motorbike. I used to take them with me too to fulfill their innocent desires.

It was a trivial matter for me. But this memory of love and kindness remained with them for a long time. The reason for this is that man can neither forget hatred nor forget love and kindness. Especially when this kindness is done without any reason or cause.

The suffering of the people in our society has increased a lot today. One of the reasons is that we have stopped doing small favors. We do not know that a smile, a pardon, a word of sympathy, an act of kindness, no matter how small it seems, is not small. This process creates a reflection of us in the heart of a weak and deprived person which is not forgotten for a long time. This reflection never stops at one person but becomes a light and is transmitted to others. Man learns to be kind to others with this kindness. Even the whole society becomes fragrant with the flowers of love.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer