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The Destruction of the Day of Judgment

The study of the Holy Quran suggests that this world and its dwellers are going to be harmed by a great accident very soon. This accident is the tremor of Resurrection that will cause unimaginable damage on earth. As a result of that accident, high mountains like the Himalayas will fly in the air like cotton wools. It can be estimated what the intensity will be and what will happen to humans because of this.

A student of the Holy Quran is confronted with the question of why humanity will die in this horrific way. There could also have been an easy way to wrap up the life. The fact is that man was created in this world for the worship of Allah. But people started worshipping others instead of Allah. Idols have been worshipped throughout human history and today at the end of history man has made his desire, his idol. In such a case, the great destruction of the Day of Judgment will come to tell the people how high, powerful and mighty the God is Whom they had ignored.

The requirement of reason was to be bowed down to the Creator of the great seas. People did not bow down. Now the sea will surge and bear witness to it. The requirement of nature was to be bowed down in front of the Lord of the high mountains. Man did not do so. Now the mountains will crumble and prove the greatness of God. Teaching of prophets was that the Lord of all beings should be made the sole center of all attentions. The son of Adam forgot this teaching. Now the complete destruction of the creature will bring him a sense of the greatness of the Lord. Those who could not understand the message of reason, nature, and prophets, the Resurrection will introduce God to these blind, deaf and ignorant people. And what is there to doubt that the destruction of the Day of Judgment is necessary to make such blind deaf ones shake.

Translated by Muzamil Nazeer