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The test of faith

In 2001, I was on a train from Canada to the United States. I had detailed conversations with some Christians during the trip. I have narrated this story in my travelogue “Khol Ankh Zameen Dekh” (“Open your eyes, See the World”). In this conversation, when the Christians had no argument left, Sharon, one of the woman among them, said that the doctrine of the Trinity could not be explained by reason. It is something to be felt spiritually and my heart believes it to be true. What I have said in response to this can be read in the travelogue, but this sentence is a statement of prejudice, not of spirituality and faith.

The fact is that most people in this world accept a point of view based on their environment, tastes, desires and innate influences. Gradually, they form a prejudiced relationship with that point of view. They ignore the mountain-like argument against this point of view and if they get a minor opinion in its favour, they accept it as a mountain. Then live the whole life with this point of view in full confidence, fight for it and keep spreading it.

On the other hand, the faith on which Paradise is promised is that man should not remain silent after a question arises on his point of view, but should try to understand the reasoning from which this question has arisen. If it is the truth, then submit to it. But those who live under prejudice are satisfied with a few sentimental statements and pretenses against proofs.

When such people appear before Allah on the Day of Resurrection, they will know that they have failed the basic test of faith. I wish people would know before that time comes that the first test of man is faith, not action.