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Thought and Action

“Two-thirds of the night had passed and I was offering Tahajjud prayers. In the middle of the prayer, I got up to drink water. As I walked past my mother’s room, I realized whether she needs anything. I peeked inside and felt that it was getting very cold in her room. I started to cover her and her eyes were opened. I asked her if she needed anything. “Son! I forgot to take the pill today, so my legs are aching,” she said. I sat there pressing her legs. After a while she fell asleep with satisfaction and I started to get up and in the same process my glasses came under my knee and broke, which I had taken off and put down.

He paused for a moment to breathe and I said it was too bad for you. Didn’t you think that I was engaged in the highest level of supererogatory worship. On the one hand, Tahajjud prayers and with it the service of the mother. That too in her moments of distress. But you did not get a good reward for it.

He said again, “Yes, that thought came to me for a moment, but then I realized that breaking of new glasses is not a loss, but a cash reward. It is a sign of acceptance of my worship. Apparently, my eye glasses are broken, but in return I was given the sight that gives me a bright view of heaven in the darkness of night. Not only that, but next week I had a big accident, but by the grace of God I was not harmed. If I had become a victim of negative thinking at that moment, I would have lost my hard work in disgust with God and would have been deprived of so many good things in this world and the hereafter.”

He finished his speech and got up to leave the room. When he reached near the door, he stayed for a moment and went out saying this. “As important as your actions are in this world, more important is your way of thinking. Every satisfaction and happiness of life is hidden in positive thinking. No action can bring happiness and success to a person who does not have the capital of positive thinking.


Translated by Muzamil Nazeer