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What we can say about the condition of the residents of the slaughterhouse!

I was never in the mood to write poetry. Perhaps I said a verse or two once in life. A close friend living abroad recently inquired about my well-being, so I replied, “What a question that is, We are alive in a slaughterhouse.” Under the situation around us, finding the right word other than ‘slaughterhouse’ is difficult. So, at this time, a few lines pf poetry have become suitable which are presented below.

What to say about the condition of the residents of the slaughterhouse!

What can we say about the color of the bloody oceans?

The killers and the victims both are our loved ones.

To whom we complain and to whom we show our blood.

Every morning seems like a terror; every evening seems like a horror.

It is hopeless to extinguish a fire when the house got seared

But Lord’s command is to erase disappointments

Let us ignite our own light from this fire

Why do we mourn over darkness when the Lord is our supporter

In despair, come, let’s burn a light

Before the Day of judgment, before that life

From the wrath of God, save our nation

Do spread the fragrance by supporting Rehan

Let’s spread the torch of truth day and night among people

We are the killers, and we are the victims.

In this city and the country where I live, human life has become so worthless that it has rarely happened in any other region of the earth. Human Blood has been shed brutally everywhere whether its Karachi, Balochistan, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkha area. Sometimes, criminals kill innocent people behind trivial things, and sometimes, there are ordinary people and law enforcers who commit barbaric violence against innocent people in public. In some areas, there are bomb blasts and suicide attacks. The processions and shrines faced streams of bloodshed, along with traders bathed in blood in markets. Somewhere, righteous people and scholars are the victims of target killing. And in other places, ordinary people get killed just like insects in the game of politics and group interests.

Muslims do all this in the name of revenge and sometimes in the name of Islam. Those who blame a third hand or external power for these events are misrepresenting. They are trying to deceive Allah and also the believers. But they are not fooling anyone but themselves. In reality, the third power, or the external hand, can only offer capital to accomplish something. These are our individuals who are playing with blood. All informed people know that the killers are not coming from outside; they are also our Muslim brothers.

There is no one else behind the dagger’s test

We are the ones who get killed and who are killing.

Sanctity of human life and Islam

All this is happening with us, and I keep recalling the Holy Quran and Hadith rulings, which have been given to uphold the sanctity of human life in society. I cannot believe this is a Muslim society, “the society of those who take the name of Allah, His Messenger, and Islam.” It is unbelievable that millions of Muslims listen to the Friday sermon each Friday. But what to say? The topics of Friday sermons are somewhat different in this society. The sanctity of human life is not discussed here. Instead, the speeches fuel the flames of hatred, leading to communal bloodshed.

In the Quran and Hadith, the sanctity of human life and its importance are discussed in such detail that a book can be published if it is described. Let me summarize a few points. Not to all, but to those who play blood in the name of religion and those who support them behind the scenes may have some shame.

At the beginning of the Holy Qur’an, in Surah Baqarah verse 84, Allah Almighty stated that He took the pledge from the Israelites that they will not shed each other’s blood. But the Israelites committed that great crime. Then God’s wrath rose upon them. They get sentenced as a consequence of that behavior in the form of humiliation and disgrace in this world and the severest punishment in the Hereafter.

In the same Surah Al-Baqarah verse 173, when Allah began to give the rules of Sharia to Muslims, the first prohibition was “not to eat any dead animal.” But in the eyes of Allah, human life is so essential that a human is allowed to eat it if he is dying of hunger. The Holy Quran describes this exception for protecting human life in many other places. The subsequent command in the following verse, 178, is about retribution. It means that the government will punish the murderer with death in exchange for the murder of the victim. This retribution was declared “the guarantor of the community’s life” (verse 179). Because when a murderer gets the death penalty, it is not easy for other people to dare kill another being. But Allah also conceded that the murderer’s life should be spared if the deceased’s heirs forgive. Human life is so important that Allah Almighty withdrew one of His mandatory orders in such a case.

In Surah Maidah (5:32), killing one human being is equal to killing the entire humanity, and saving one human life is similar to saving the whole of humanity. Nowhere else is a greater emphasis on the sanctity and dignity of human life in any religious or legal context. Then, the Holy Quran describes killing a believer as a severe crime and the punishment of which makes people flinch. Allah the Almighty says: “Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is Hell, where he will remain forever, upon him is the wrath of Allah and His curse, and Allah has prepared for him a great punishment.” (Nisaa 4:92)

Even before this verse, a detailed regulation has been stated regarding the punishment for a Muslim if he kills another Muslim by mistake. Although the Holy Qur’an does not prescribe any punishment for actions done by error. But a severe punishment has been commanded for taking a human life despite unawareness and mistake. That is the importance of human life! But today’s Muslims and their so-called leaders are not willing to give more respect to it than low-priced veggies.

In Surah Al-Nahl verse 105, Allah goes to the extent that He has allowed even uttering the word of disbelief to save one’s life. Just think about what can be more significant in proof of the sanctity of human life. Then, like Israelites, Muslims are also explicitly prohibited from mutual bloodshed in Surah Nisaa verse 29. Then, in Surah Hujuraat verse 6, it is strictly stated that no action should be taken against any group based on unreliable and unverified information, lest innocent human lives be lost.

Then, see what expediency has been expressed in accepting a one-sided peace agreement during the Hudaybiyah Peace Treaty. In Surat al-Fatah verse 25, God has made it clear that the wisdom of Allah to stop the war at the time of the Peace of Hudaybiyah was that there were new Muslims in Makkah. The Muslims of Madinah did not know about them. So, in case of war, there was a chance that the Muslims would also kill the new Muslims due to unawareness. Therefore, Allah Almighty says that if those new Muslims were not there, We would have given great punishment to the infidels of Makkah. The Companions were forced to accept a deal that appeared to be a defeat to save the lives of a few Muslims by postponing the conquest of Makkah. Allahu Akbar (God is great)! What is the value of human life in the eyes of Allah Almighty, and how worthless it is in the eyes of those who take the name of Islam!

The matter of suicide

Above was the matter of the murder of others. But then, a man’s life could still be considered his possession. The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) also removed this misunderstanding. The sanctity of human life is so great in the eyes of Allah and His Messenger that no human being has the right to take his own life. Therefore, there is a statement of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) about the suicide: “Whoever kills himself with an iron, it will be in his hand as a punishment that he will strike his stomach with it in the hellfire, and he will remain in hell forever. And whoever kills himself by drinking poison, then the poison will be in his hand so that he will sip it in the hellfire as punishment.” (The Muslim, Kitab al-Iman, chapter: statement on the sanctity of killing oneself).

Reread this tradition for a moment. The punishment is forever hell for the crime of suicide. So, no one can justify suicide based on these rules of the Quran and Hadith. Still, unfortunately, in today’s era, some ignorant Arab scholars have declared suicide attacks as Istishad, as an act of martyrdom. Despite the strict warnings, there is only one reason for this ruling. That is, such attacks cause damage to enemies. But if this is the standard of explaining the religion, then it is not far from these ignorant Arabs that within a short period, they will start encouraging the Muslim sisters and daughters to willingly offer their bodies to enemies to find out secrets and to enter into their ranks to harm them. Afterward, on the same basis, a mufti from the Arab world will declare a ruling that it is not fornication and adultery but a ‘holy’ act of getting to heaven. After this, Muslim women will be recruited from place to place. And they will be trained in elegant styles and vulgarity in the holy name of Islam. When in the future, “ignorant people like us will criticize it in the light of the Qur’an and Hadith, all the emotional Muslims of the Arab and foreign world will support such rulings and will stand against us.


The Prophet of Revolution, the Prophet of Peace

According to the Holy Qur’an, the Messenger of Allah (PBUH) had been sent by Allah as Rahmat-ul-Lil-aalameen, meaning mercy for all the worlds. The period in which our Prophet came was the period of religious persecution. In other words, accepting Islam in that era meant that polytheists would persecute Muslims only because of their faith. In that situation, it was necessary to break the back of those polytheists through the war so that the righteous man would have the opportunity to decide without fear or hesitation whether he would accept or decline the religion of truth based on argument. In this background, Muslims were ordered to fight against this oppression. But the orders of war were given in such a way that there was minimum loss of life in the fight. For example, Muslims were prohibited from carrying swords until the Government of Muslims became established in Madinah. Polytheists were committing the worst atrocities against the Muslims in Makkah. Umar, Hamza, Ali, and other companions (peace and blessings be upon all of them) were present in such a large number that they could teach oppressors a good lesson. Migration to Abyssinia and Madinah was allowed in Makkah, but war was not allowed. Permission was given by Allah when Muslims got power in Madinah, and the Messenger of Allah became the head of the state of Madinah.

It is necessary to have a State and an authority to fight back. Because the state is responsible for all the actions of the people who carry the sword, and at every step, it keeps in mind the interest of the entire state rather than the feelings and emotions of some people. Even after establishing that power, war was not declared mandatory without having a certain proportion (Anfaal 8:66). The merciful Prophet himself adopted the strategy for protecting human life on different occasions. An example of this is described above in the form of the Peace of Hudaybiyyah. Because of that, a great and unimaginable event happened: the whole of Arabia became Muslim, and barely a thousand people were killed. While in the present-day French Revolution, Russian Revolution, etc., millions of people were killed. The commandments of God, the Most Merciful, and the way of the merciful Prophet showed us how much they respected human life. But Alas! Today, there is no difference between human life and insects in the eyes of those who worship the Almighty.

Guidance of Prophet’s model about hypocrites

Discussing other causes of killings in Pakistan in this short article is impossible because it has many dimensions. However, I would like to briefly discuss one of the reasons for this killing and looting. That is the killing of others for religious reasons. In our country, based on intellectual and ideological differences, a ruling is issued to kill anyone by declaring them an infidel. Some people who stand in the name of Islam and knowledge do this without hesitation. After which, the robot-like killing machines unleash bloodshed and destruction. Ah, what would we explain to those human-like killing robots. But to those who announce rulings of murder and who support them, we will place the model of the Prophet of mercy in front of them. Perhaps someone will acknowledge it and be blessed with repentance.

During the time of the Messenger of Allah, Abdullah ibn Ubayy and other hypocrites had been busy for years to harm and destroy Muslims in every way. In that age, revelation was ascending. The Messenger of Allah knew each of them name by name. Sometimes, the mischief of those hypocrites increased so much that the Companions requested the Holy Prophet to give the order to kill those hypocrites. But look at the way of God the Most Merciful and the Holy Prophet; it was never allowed. What was the reason? The only explanation was that those people called themselves Muslims in appearance. The fact was that those people were utter liars in their claim of faith, whose castle of lies has been repeatedly exposed by the Holy Qur’an.

Nevertheless, to establish a principle, they were not killed. That rule is that unless a person is calling himself a Muslim and he has not transgressed those other limits which are punishable by death in the Sharia, such as Qisas etc., killing him by simply accusing him of hypocrisy and being an agent of the enemies is not permissible in any case. This is the principle that Allah and His Messenger have established by themselves. If someone feels that an individual or a group is misguided, then he should certainly clarify their error, but issuing a ruling to kill them, supporting to kill them, or killing them, all of it is apart from the way of Allah and His messenger. It is like following the path of the Iblees (devil), which is the way of complete transgression.

The incident of Hazrat Osama

In this regard, some incidents have been described in the books of hadiths, which is not only a clear statement of the sanctity and protection of human life that a person gets legally after believing, but it also contains a statement of what Rahmat-ul-Lil-aalameen revealed about the violation of this principle. We are quoting an incident narrated in Sahih Bukhari and Muslim about the son of Hazrat Zayd, adopted son of the Messenger of Allah, Hazrat Usamah. Hazrat Zayd and his son Usamah were very dear to Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and even those with little knowledge of the Prophet’s biography know it very well. But still, see the response of the Holy Prophet in that incident.

Narrated by Hazrat Usamah bin Zayd (may Allah please with him). “Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) sent us to sarya (a battle in which Holy Prophet did not take part himself). (….In the battle) I found a man who said ‘La-ilaha-illallah (the Shahadah, translated as There is no true god except Allah).’ I killed him with my spear. After that, in my heart, I felt bad that I should not killed him when he said Shahadah. I told the whole incident to the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ). He said, “O Usamah, did you kill him after he professed La-ilaha-illallah (There is no true god except Allah)?” I said, “O Messenger of Allah! He professed it only to save his life.” Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) repeated, “Did you kill him after he had professed La-ilaha-illallah?” The Prophet repeated this to me until I wished I had embraced Islam only that day (so I would not have committed that sin because sins are forgiven after converting to Islam).”

A study of other hadiths related to this incident shows that this infidel killed many Muslims. And it was clear from the evidence that he genuinely recited the word only out of fear of death after being attacked by Hazrat Usamah. But still, you saw the reaction of the Messenger of Allah. On the other hand, the severe aspect that has been described in another hadith is that when Hazrat Osama requested the Holy Prophet to pray for his forgiveness, instead of praying, the Holy Prophet repeatedly kept saying what will be your answer of La-illaha-illallah when it comes on the Day of Judgment? This is the sanctity of human life in the eyes of Allah and His Messenger. Now, whoever loves Allah and His Messenger, it is his duty to adopt their way and respect the sanctity of human life, especially a Muslim’s life, even if that person is a hypocrite and a disbeliever in his eyes. Or else, on the Day of Resurrection, such people will appear before God as murderers and end with the same fate as murderers.


Few hadiths regarding the sanctity of a Muslim’s life

Above was an incident, but there are many sayings of the Holy Prophet (May God bless him and grant him peace) regarding the sanctity of human life, especially of a Muslim. We must tell every Muslim to listen to many sayings of the Prophet, especially to those who warm the market of killing and looting innocent Muslims in the name of Islam and those who secretly support and Intellectually back them. It would be perhaps the most outstanding service to religion. In this regard, some of the Prophet’s sayings taken from Sahih Bukhari are as follows:

The Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said on the occasion of the last Hajj.

The blood, wealth, and honor of your Muslim brothers are forbidden to each other, just like the sanctity of this Day (Arafa), this month (Dhul-Hijjah), and this city (Makkah). Did I convey the message to you? The companions said Yes in one voice.

On that occasion, he further said:

“Look! Do not become nonbelievers after me and kill each other.”

“Abusing a Muslim is sin, and fighting him is infidelity.”

“Whoever raised arms against us (Muslims) is not one of us.”

“Let not one of you point a weapon at his brother. He did not know that the devil might drop (the weapon) from his hand (or drive him away), and he would wake up in the pit of hell (for killing Muslims).”

“When two Muslims fight each other with their swords, both will go to hell. The Companions inquired that O Allah’s Messenger, one is a murderer; therefore, he will go to hell, but what is the fault of the deceased? The Prophet (PBUH) explained that he had intended to kill his fellow Muslim.”


I had just finished revising this article when the tragic incidents of the martyrdom of more than a hundred worshipers occurred in suicide attacks during Friday prayers in Dar Adam Khel and at Isha prayers in Peshawar. We, weak and humble people and the residents of this slaughterhouse, present the case of our innocent and faultless brothers before our Lord who were killed while praying by those who were standing in the name of God with full consciousness and intent. In this case, we nominate not only the murderers but all those who stand in the name of Islam, such as journalists, the heads of religious and political parties, the people who like to call themselves scholars, and people of truth. Whose rulings,  interpretations, and hidden support have turned mosques into slaughterhouses today. The Day is not far away when all the massacred will be brought back to life; they will appear in the presence of Allah, calling the Azan, Iqamah, and reciting the Kalimah. The killers and their supporters will also be presented in the court of Allah Almighty. The case of these innocent Muslims will be presented by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Lord of the Worlds will not question the killers and their supporters but will address the innocent worshipers: For what crime were you killed?

The most unfortunate person on that Day will not be the brutal murderer who had committed suicide attacks on those who prostrate before God in their unawareness because he has to account only for the victims he killed. The unlucky ones on this Day will be their supporters who will be called to the trial of every victim murdered in a suicide attack because their rulings, interpretation, veiling, and silent support paved the way for killing these oppressed people. Then, a part of every crime of murder will be added to their record. That will be a day when none of their interpretations or cunningness will work for them. “Let them laugh a little and cry a lot.”

The inhabitants of this slaughterhouse seek the refuge of their only Lord from every oppressor and every murderer. “O Allah, we bring you against them and seek your refuge from their evil.”