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The difference between Human and Animal

I have a close friend. If someone says in front of him that he is not in the habit of reading or does not have time to study, then he replies, be satisfied! You are not alone in this. Other animals do not read books either.

The fact is that both animals and humans are taught many things by instinct. There are many functions that are based on the knowledge gained from the senses. They both learn a lot of things from the environment. But it is only the characteristic of man that he puts his treasure of knowledge into words and saves it in the vault of the book so that other people can use this treasure of knowledge. This is the realm of pen and book, the conquest of which opens all the doors of conquest of the universe on human beings.

Reading a book is not only the difference between human and animal but also the difference between one nation and another nation. A nation ruled by pen and book rules over other nations in the same way as humans rule over animals.

History has shown that the Holy Qur’an created an extraordinary taste in reading and writing among Muslims. This taste was created in the background of religion. But once it was created, it was not limited to religion, but spread to all branches of knowledge. As a result, Muslims ruled the world for a thousand years. The decline of the Muslims also began with the fact that Muslim bookstores in Baghdad and Spain were either burned down or fell into the hands of the Christians after the defeat of the Muslims. When these books reached Europe, they became the rulers of the world in the days to come.

Even today, if we want to step on the path of progress, the only way is to inculcate the habit of reading in people. Because the land on which the crop of knowledge grows, is irrigated by those who are fond of reading. And in a society where the taste and habit of reading disappears, the production of knowledge also ceases. The result of a nation without knowledge can be nothing but subjugation.