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Course “Wajood-e-Bari Taala aur Tasawar-o-Dalail-e-Tauheed”

This course is comprised of 14 lectures and its duration is 3 ½ months. The course highlights the concepts related to the existence of Allah and arguments of Oneness of God (Tawheed توحيد) based on the facts mentioned in the Holy Quran.
The Course, at present, is comprised of following three Parts:

  • Wajood-e-Barri Tala (4 Lectures)
  • Tawheed Kay Dalail (6 Lectures)
  • Tasawar-E-Tauheed (4 Lectures)

Part 1: Wajood-e- Barri Tala

God has always been the prime necessity of Mankind. Man was created with a consciousness of God but with the passage of time Monotheism changed into polytheism. Abu Yahya in his signature style has proven the existence of God while tracing the history of polytheism, atheism, socialism and philosophy.

Part 2: Tauheed kay dalail

Belief in oneness of Allah is a basic ingredient of Faith; to believe in one God and submit oneself before Him has always been the basic requirement of Invitation to Faith. God has not only described it in the Holy Quran but has also given elaborate explanation of it over and over again through rational and natural logic. The descriptive logic makes this invitation to Faith acceptable for every reasonable and sensible person. Sir Abu Yahya has devised it into an online course comprising of a number of lectures.

Part 3: Tasawar-E-Tauheed

Third Part of this Course is comprised of four lectures. Abu Yahya in his signature and unique expression has presented the concept of Allah (God). Basing his argument upon the facts mentioned in the Holy Quran, he has introduced God through His attributes, His wisdom, His Hikmah and rationale which has encompassed the whole universe and all human beings.

Course Procedure

Lectures are shared online through WhatsApp on weekly basis. After listening to each lecture, the participants are required to solve online quiz, which would enable them to grasp the main points of the lectures. On successful completion of the Course, participants will be awarded the course completion e-certificate / certificate.