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Course “Quran ka Matloob Insaan”

This Course is comprised of 23 lectures, delivered by Sir Abu Yahya on selected topics of the Holy Quran as given in his book “Quran Ka Matloob Insaan” and duration of the Course is six months.
The lectures consist of pre-requisites described in the Holy Quran, which are required to be followed to become the desired being of the Holy Quran by the individuals to ease their entry into the Paradise. Lectures also include the dos and don’ts of the religion on which success and failure of an individual depends in the hereafter. These are the fundamental requirements of the Quran which every individual must abide by to succeed in the life hereafter. Therefore, doing introspection of one’s own self in this world would enable him to make a fair assessment of himself and to improve thereupon up to the required standards specified in the Holy Quran.

Course Procedure

The lectures are shared online through WhatsApp group twice a week along with short speeches on various topics. In order to establish an introspection mechanism, an “Identification Form” has been designed by Sir Abu Yahya for self-analysis of the participants, so that the participants can identify their shortcomings, monitor them regularly throughout the Course duration and accordingly improve themselves upon.
On successful completion of the Course, participants will be awarded with the course completion e-certificate/certificate.