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Inzaar Educational Program

As we all know that the basic purpose of Deen is to submit ourselves to the will of Allah. The submission to Allah is very simple that is refraining from the things He has forbidden and doing what He has ordained. ‘He who has strived to purify himself from the sins and try to adorn himself with the good deeds has surely become successful’. Technically this process is called “self-purification”.
To achieve the said demand of Faith and Morality, following courses are being conducted online through “Inzaar Educational Program” under the auspices of Sir Abu Yahya:

Procedure for Enrollment in Courses

To enroll in any of the above-mentioned course/courses, please fill the form (link below):

Enrollment will be on first come first serve basis and will remain open till first week of the start of the courses. Late comers will be enrolled for next batch.

Abu Yahya
Director Online Courses
Inzaar Educational Program