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Inzaar Educational Program

As we all know that the basic purpose of Deen is to submit ourselves to the will of Allah. The submission to Allah is very simple that is refraining from the things He has forbidden and doing what He has ordained. ‘He who has strived to purify himself from the sins and try to adorn himself with the good deeds has surely become successful’. Technically this process is called “self-purification”.
To achieve the said demand of Faith and Morality, following courses are being conducted online through “Inzaar Educational Program” under the guidance of Sir Abu Yahya:

1. Quran Ka Matloob Insaan

2. Quran Main Wajood-e-Bari Talla aur Akhrat Ka Tasawer

3. Tauheed kay dalail

Course # 1 – Quran ka Matloob Insaan:

This Course is comprised of 23 lectures, delivered by Sir Abu Yahya on selected topics of the Holy Quran as given in his book “Quran Ka Matloob Insaan”. Duration of the Course is 06 months.
The lectures comprised of pre-requisites described in the Holy Quran required to be followed to become the desired being of the Holy Quran by the individuals to smoothen their entry into the Paradise; the dos and don’ts of the religion on which success and failure of an individual depends in the hereafter. These are the fundamental requirements of the Quran which every individual must abide by to succeed in the life hereafter. Therefore, doing introspection of one’s own self in this world would enable him to make a fair assessment of himself and to improve thereupon up to the required standards specified in the Holy Quran.
The lectures are shared online through WhatsApp group on weekly basis along with short speeches on various topics. In order to establish an introspection mechanism, an identification form has been designed by Sir Abu Yahya for self-analysis of the participants, followed by sample observations forms so that the participants could identify their shortcomings, monitor them regularly throughout the Course duration and accordingly improve themselves upon. On successful completion of the Course, participants will be awarded with the course completion e-certificate/certificate.

Course # 2 – Quran main Wajood-e Bari Taala or Akhrat ka Tasawer:

This Course is comprised of 14 lectures and its duration is 04 months, which highlights the concepts related to the existence of Allah and Akhrat based on the facts mentioned in the Holy Quran.
The Course, at present, is comprised of following three Parts:

1. Wajood-e-Barri Tala (4 Lectures)

2. Akhrat key Dalayal (6 Lectures)

3. Akhrat ki Zindagi (4 Lectures)

Part 1 – Wajood-e- Barri Tala: God has always been the prime necessity of Mankind. Man was created with a consciousness of God but with the passage of time Monotheism changed into polytheism. Abu Yahya in his signature style has proven the existence of God while tracing the history of polytheism, atheism, socialism and philosophy.

Part 2- Akhrat kay dalail: Belief in the Day of Judgement is one of the three basic ingredients of Faith. The belief in the Day of Judgment has assumed greater importance in Islam because other religion have no concept of the Day of Judgment or have ambiguous concept or have concept based on misconceptions. Therefore, the description and rationale of the Day of Judgment is a crowning achievement of Islam. In this course, Sir Abu Yahya has taught these arguments of the Holy Quran in a logical and rational way to the students of the Quran.

Part 3 – Akhrat ki Zindagi: The belief in the Day of Judgement is that belief which shapes the life herein; it prompts us to lead a life which can make us eligible to the luxurious and comfortable life hereafter. The fear of accountability on the Day of Judgment is the singular factor which can revolutionize the whole world ethically and religiously. Islam is that religion which has described the life hereafter and motivated the human beings to prepare themselves for that as is described in the Holy Quran. The need for this belief has logically been explained in the course.

All the above lectures are shared online through WhatsApp on weekly basis. After listening to each lecture, the participants are required to solve the quiz online, which would enable them to grasp the main points of the lectures. On successful completion of the Course, participants will be awarded the course completion e-certificate/certificate.

Course # 3 – Tauheed kay dalail:

Belief in oneness of Allah is a basic ingredient of Faith; to believe in one God and submit oneself before Him is the basic requirement of Islam. God has not only described it in the Holy Quran but has also given elaborate explanation of it over and over again rationally and naturally. The descriptive logic makes this invitation to Faith acceptable for every reasonable and sensible person. Sir Abu Yahya has devised it into an online course comprising of a number of lectures.

Procedure for Enrollment in Courses:

1- To enroll in any of the above-mentioned course/courses, please email us at globalinzaar@gmail.com specifying the name of Course along with WhatsApp cell number. Interested participants will be contacted by Admins of the Courses for enrollment.

2- Enrollment will be on “first come first serve basis” and will remain open till first week of the start of the courses. Late comers will be enrolled for next batch.

Abu Yahya
Director Online Courses
Inzaar Educational Program