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Course “Stress Management”

Problems and difficulties are inevitable parts of human life. Similarly, sadness, disappointment, deprivation and apprehensions also surround human beings at all point in time.
On one side, these realities fill our lives with stress and on the other side, our wrong behaviors aggravate this pressure or stress. If one does not know how to cope up with the stress and the art of living one’s life with these problems and difficulties then gradually this stress becomes the biggest problem of one’s life. This affects one’s health, relationships, feelings and life.

This course of Stress Management will teach you the art of living with stress. It will help you coping up with the problems arising from difficulties, hardships, grief & sorrow and worries & apprehensions. This 9-lecture course is not a guarantee to remove worries and difficulties from your life but a guarantee to live life with happiness and contentment despite the presence of these factors.